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We have done a SPMC vs Kodi comparison to conclude which of the two popular streaming app is right for your Android. Since SPMC is no longer under development, Kodi 17.6 has released, and MrMc is now a somewhat viable option  The Shield Android TV supports Youtube, Netflix, Google Assistant, Plex, Kodi (or the optimized SPMC) and many other Android video-streaming SPMC vs. Kodi. How does SPMC compare to Code? Gut, most users do not notice a difference between the two pieces of software. SPMC has its own app ID of Kodi, so it can be installed side-by-side on your Android device, and you can both parts of the Kodi and SPMC (aka Semper Media Center) are two very similar media player applications.

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Spmc vs kodi. Wondering which media streaming app to use with your Android device? We have done a SPMC vs Kodi comparison to conclude which of the two popular streaming app is right for your Android.

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Finally, the most visible differences between Kodi and SPMC have to do with its look and feel. With many Android devices sporting a small screen and a touch interface, SPMC is optimized for that type of hardware. Its home screen (shown above) is simpler with fewer options and bigger buttons. SPMC is a Kodi alternative for Android. Read this to find out what SPMC looks like, what it does and How SPMC compares to the official Kodi Android app. It is the same backbone as Kodi, but has been optimized for the Android operating system.

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The TV then upscales to 4K. (2016-03-20, 18:07) chocco Wrote: When doing a direct comparison of SPMC vs Kodi 17 Alpha (of which the audio is unquestionably Koying's on both) I have a slight audio sync issue on SPMC that isn't present with Kodi. Want to Learn More About Using Kodi? Once you install Kodi on your Nvidia Shield TV, you’ll want to add your media content, install add-ons, and plenty more. So, we’ve prepared hands-on guides that you’ll surely find to be useful.

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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. SPMC es un fork (spin-off) no oficial de Kodi, dedicado en exclusiva para dispositivos android.


but i thought koying was using  My main Shield have 2.1 firmware, and Kodi and spmc can't find windows shares or any uPnP devices at all. Making both of them useless for me. I can stll install  You can cast anything on NAS/Windows Share etc. to Kodi/SPMC on Shield TV. This setup have worked 100% stable for me. No crashes. .

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